There’s a popular phrase used in football analysis here in the UK (or soccer for our American friends), which is to describe a match as “a game of two halves”. It’s used when one side plays very poorly in the first half, allowing several goals to be put past them, but then pull it back in the second to either draw or win the game. The DCEU’s latest outing Wonder Woman is just that, a game of two halves.

While this site has been lambasted in the past for being “anti-DC”, it is fair to say that the DCEU hasn’t got off to the best of starts. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have their fans and supporters, but none have been universally praised by either fans or critics. Early reports and rumours coming from the set and production of Wonder Woman seemed to echo the issues many had with the first three entries, with one “source” claiming it was “a mess”. And if that source had only seen the first hour and a half of the movie, it would be easy to see why they made that mistake.

Written for Flickering Myth. Read the full review here.