Hindsight is a funny thing. It allows us to look back on projects we once loved or hated with a fresh perspective and reevaluate. There was a period in time where I would have loathed 10 Thing I Hate About You because I was an idiot teenager who dismissed it as a ‘chick flick’, but now in my thirties I can view it as one of the better teen movies from that time period. Conversely I once praised Resident Evil: Apocalypse as the best video game movie ever made because it had Nemesis in it, but on reflection I now see it’s the worst of the franchise.

So, 20 years on and in hindsight, can we all just admit that Batman & Robin was kind of awesome?

Released in 1997, Batman & Robin was following on from the successful Batman Forever which brought in a new vision for The Dark Knight. With Tim Burton’s dark and gothic Batman and Batman Returns thrown to the wayside, Joel Schumacher brightened the tone and released the Batman movie the studio always wanted. Batman Returns had been poorly-reviewed by families who had taken their small children to see the dark and moody film (not helped by a tie-in Happy Meal collaboration with McDonalds) and Warners wanted something more family-orientated. This time the movie was bright, colourful and cartoony, with Jim Carrey hamming it up as The Riddler while Tommy Lee Jones chews up all the scenery as Two-Face. Some die hard BatFans might have rejected its lighter tone, but audiences lapped it up and Batman Forever – which cost less than $100 million to make – earned an impressive $336 million worldwide [our own Anghus Houvouras is a big fan]. Warner Bros. were ecstatic.

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