Whether you like the DC Extended Universe or not, it’s almost impossible to look at the work NetherRealm Studios have done on Injustice 2 and think, “damn that would make an awesome movie franchise.”

The revival of the Mortal Kombat series via Mortal Kombat 9 has spread through into their DC output, starting with 2013’s very good Injustice: Gods Among Us and into its sequel Injustice 2. It’s got new characters, new movesets, new combos, new locations and a whole new improved feel.

What’s impressive about Injustice 2 is just how inclusive the whole thing feels. Mortal Kombat X, for all the praise one could give it, at times felt like it was aimed at fans of the franchise who want to spend hours, days and weeks learning every single combo technique possible. It felt like a game that was purposefully built just for professional tournaments. And while the single-player campaign was fun (though new players are struggling to get their hands on it due to a game-crippling bug), Mortal Kombat X really thrived on its multiplayer aspect. And in order to get on with that, you had to be damn good at the game. Injustice 2 has the opposite effect.

Written for Flickering Myth. Read the full review here.