When Marvel Studios first announced Guardians of the Galaxy at San Diego Comic Con way back when, it was met with a resounding reply of, “who?”. The film – helmed by a cult director whose previous work included Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie and Tromeo and Juliet – was a huge gamble for Marvel. But it was a gamble that paid off, and a massive box office return turned Guardians of the Galaxy from a Z-list property into one of Marvel’s key franchises. Its sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, had a lot to live up to in terms of hype given the praise for the first movie (which topped our 2014 and 2016 ranking of the MCU), but does it live up to it?

In a nutshell, yes.

Written for Flickering Myth. Read the full review here.