blair witch 2016 lisa forest

Last year I spoke with Adam Wingard just a couple of months after his project The Woods had been revealed as a sequel to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project and a few weeks before the film was released [read that interview here]. At the time Wingard was very excited about Blair Witch, even noting that it was the first film he’d directed that looked to make a lot of money at the box office. However some reviews were pretty unkind (although we rather liked it) and Blair Witch didn’t light up the box office as expected. Now it’s out on Blu-Ray and DVD in both the US and the UK, I spoke with the film’s writer Simon Barrett about the reaction the film received, and about where the idea of keeping it a secret came from.

“It’s tough to say,” Barrett tells me, audibly exhausted after a long day of press interviews. “With some things I’m all too eager to take credit for, but if anything it was Lionsgate [who wanted to keep it a secret]. Although it’s worth noting that Adam and I like to keep our projects as secret as possible. You know, films that have less scrutiny on them so people wouldn’t even notice we’re keeping them secret like You’re Next or the V/H/S films. We do this with some films and just announce them as the premiere is announced. Both Adam and I are people who, if we’re going to see a movie, we’re not going to watch a trailer if we can avoid it. I’m gonna see it, so why spoil anything? So we try to replicate that. In this modern era of ‘over-hype’ on social media, I’m almost saturated with information to the point where it makes me less excited about a film. I feel this is a way to be different. And I suspect we’ll see more of it. With this new Star Wars movie, if they just announced the date and nothing else, people would be going absolutely insane with excitement. But hey, those Star Wars movies are doing just fine without any advice from me.”

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