NOTE: This interview took place before the Presidential Election results were announced.

The Purge is a franchise that has tried to hold up a black mirror to its audience, but not shove it in its face. It was never intended to be a ‘what if’ view or a warning of things to come, but there are those who believe the actions of The Purge could be something that really happen in the world we currently live in. A society where, for one night only, all crimes are legal including murder. The first film, made for just $3 million, grossed nearly $90 million worldwide, and its sequel – The Purge: Anarchy – surpassed that with $111 million worldwide, upping the ante of the action. The third in the series, The Purge: Election Year, reflected the real-world politics of 2016 (possibly unintentionally) and once again built on its profitability with $118 million worldwide on a meager budget of just $10 million. Impressively, the film tripled its budget from its domestic opening weekend alone.

One of its stars, J.J. Soria, was a newcomer to the franchise and starred alongside the returning Frank Grillo. Soria has had a prolific TV career and has already totted up 53 credits to his name since 2004. His appearances in shows like Dexter, CSI: Miami and Army Wives has made him a recognisable face, and The Purge: Election Year was arguably his biggest and most prolific film to date. But was he a fan of the series? “I was a huge fan,” he tells me over the phone while in the make-up chair during the filming of Rosewood. “I saw the trailer for the first one and I became a fan of it, and then saw it in theatres along with the second one.”

Written for Flickering Myth. Read the full interview here.