It’s amazing to think that Space Jam, the movie which saw Michael Jordan play basketball with Bugs Bunny, turns twenty years old today. What do you remember the most about it? The barrage of ‘making of’ features than ran on every movie show? The fantastic soundtrack featuring 1996’s hottest artists (and R Kelly)? Or is it the office Space Jam website, where eager kids could go and find more information about the upcoming movie via the magical and mystical information super highway, the world wide web?

Well, that website is still live and active. No, really. Check it out here.

It’s an incredible time capsule of how the Internet used to look twenty years ago. Back then, this would have been incredible to look at and view. And I should know, I was there. I visited this website when I first got the Internet at home in 1997, and was blown away with how much information and content I could get my hands on. There was pictures, posters, screensavers and samples of each song from the soundtrack. There was even voice clips from the movie, which I used to replace the standard Windows 95 shut down sound.

So let’s celebrate the anniversary of Space Jam by revisiting the website. Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now.

Written for Flickering Myth. Read the full article here.