The Ford Brothers return to bring us a follow up to their well-received zombie movie The Dead by relocating to a more exotic location for The Dead 2: India.

It’s fair to say that the zombie sub-genre, like found footage, has become very tired and almost lazy. Every first-time horror filmmaker dives into the genre and not a week goes by where you don’t see another zombie based movie flood the bottom shelves of your local ASDA. However the ones that are successful are the ones who try to do something different with it – which The Dead 2: India does very well, even if it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

American wind turbine engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson) is hundreds of miles away from Mumbai when he discovers that his girlfriend Ishani (Meenu) is pregnant. But their good news is batted away as quickly as it was received as a zombie outbreak infects the country causing the recently dead to attack the living. With Ishani locked in her house with her father (Sandip Datta Guppa) and her bitten mother (Poonam Mathur), Nicholas begins a cross-country trek to save and protect the woman he loves.

Written for Flickering Myth on 23rd August 2013